Welcome to Lawrence Movement Workshop

How can we explore our own human potential through movement?

That’s the question that Lawrence Movement Workshop is interested in exploring!

Lawrence Movement Workshop is an entity based in Lawrence, Kansas that is keenly interested in exploring movement and the human system. Our goal is to explore, grow, and evolve as individuals through movement.

In the process, we ask some larger questions.

Is it possible that humans may not be as advanced as we think we are? Are we using just a small portion of our movement ability, senses, emotional intelligence, and mental capacity?

Does movement hold some clue to our hidden potential?

If so, what are we missing out on when we cut ourselves off from the opportunity to fully understand and express ourselves through the wondrous range of movement that we’re capable of?

Who participates in Lawrence Movement Workshop?

The questions we’re asking are large, yet Lawrence Movement Workshop is organized for regular people interested in moving in new ways, expressing our human truth, and feeling refreshed and connected to others!

We’re not about forcing movement forms or perfecting our movement. Instead, we want a venue where we can expand our movement capacities and explore our human potential—all amidst a safe and friendly group of people who enjoy learning, moving, creating, and feeling fully human. In the process, we have a lot of fun!

What does Lawrence Movement Workshop offer?

Lawrence Movement Workshop offers a variety of movement classes, as well as programming for workplaces and other venues—all designed to be fun, engaging, and informative. Lawrence Movement Workshop also offers Lawrence and surrounding communities opportunities to learn from outside teachers from somatic movement practices such as Laban/Bartenieff, Continuum Movement, and Authentic Movement who can deepen our knowledge and awareness of ourselves even further.