Relax, Move, Connect - 6-part series



Ecumenical Ministries, KU Campus 1204 Oread 


Thursdays, October 11 - November 15, 2018

Taught by

Kristin Senty

Relax move connect flyer final version.jpg

Whether it’s a thousand clicks each day of the mouse, or the forward and back motion of an elliptical machine, our movements - even those that we find enjoyable or useful - can also become quite predictable.

Moving in the same way over and over again is a bit like driving the wheels of a car in a rut. Like the car, our bodies get stuck and run out of options when we do the same things over and over again. The fact is that our bodies - and our brains - actually thrive when we introduce new ways of moving into our usual patterns!

Relax, Move, Connect is a 6 week series that will help you break out of these old patterns to try something new - think of it as a whole body movement refresher! What can you expect from this series?

  • Simple and engaging movement exercises which relax and connect the whole body

  • Active breath practice for stress reduction and deep muscle engagement

  • Imaginative and fun new ways to move to get you out of the same old patterns

  • How movement and the mind connect -  based on the Bartenieff Fundamentals

  • Movement choir

  • No experience necessary!

This program is free to KU students, and $10 a session for the community ($50 for the total if you wish to commit to all six sessions). I encourage folks to commit to the full six, because the learning really is enhanced with each session. Plus, it’s more fun with a cohesive group! Drop-in attendance is also welcome.

Students-Free, Community-$10 (Attend all 6 sessions for $50!)

Bring yoga mat, blanket, or knee pads (ideal!)