From the ground on up! Making my way from self to others, Cadence Whittier, Director of Integrated Movement Studies, Salt Lake City, Utah; Saturday, December 29, 2018, 12:30 pm -5:45 pm; City in Motion, 300 - E 39th St. Kansas City, Mo.; $60 by December 18th, $75 after

Explore moving creatively and dynamically with others in this two-part movement workshop led by somatic educator Cadence Whittier. Through the framework of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, participants will explore a variety of movement experiences designed to promote personal expression and community, while developing a deeper understanding of the structural, functional, and expressive elements that support movement.

Part 1: Establishing ground (two hours)
This class focuses on the themes of grounding and stability through explorations in the Bartenieff Fundamentals and Movement Dynamics. Establishing a strong base of support in the body facilitates personal expression and provides the foundation for exploring one’s creative potential.

Part 2: Connecting outwardly (two hours)
This class continues to explore the Bartenieff Fundamentals, but highlights the themes of relationship and mobility, focusing on how the body forms intentionally into space with others. Connecting with others from a place of grounded stability provides the potential for enriching community relationships.

Cadence Whittier is the Director of Integrated Movement Studies, an organization that offers workshops in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis. She is also a Professor in Dance at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where she teaches courses in kinesiology, L/BMA, dance education, and ballet technique. Her recently published book, Creative Ballet Teaching, explores community and creativity in the ballet classroom. Cadence continues to work as a professional choreographer, dancer, and somatic movement educator, and enjoys offering movement workshops that explore using the L/BMA concepts to enhance a person’s functional and expressive potential.

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Embodying Resilience in a Swiftly-Moving World, Victoria Day, LPC, CMA of Embodiment LLC, Saturday, November 10, 2018, 3:30 PM  6:45 PM, Ecumenical Campus Ministries,1204 Oread, Lawrence, KS, $35/person by November 3 - $45/person after November 3; $15 - students

  • To “embody” myself means that I slow down and recognize that my body, my breath and tissue, my sensation of self and the environment, is always only in the present moment. To embody allows me to recognize my thoughts, emotions, and spirit in relation to my sensory body, in relation to the present.

  • Embodiment allows me to better understand my own needs, desires, thoughts, stories, and feelings.

  • Embodiment helps me to improve and enjoy my relationships with others, staying present even when we can’t see eye to eye.

  • Embodiment helps connect me to the environment--to be in touch with the earth under my feet, the air that my body breathes, the fire of the sun, and the pull of the waters.

  • To claim and practice embodiment is a radical form of activism, especially in these difficult times when my impulse and coping tool may be to shut down or turn away--or to be in a constant state of agitation