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We use words as our primary means of communication, but what can we accomplish if we draw our attention more toward movement as a vehicle for understanding ourselves and others?

Kristin Senty is a writer and communicator, exploring movement as a means for bridging disconnections in ourselves, between people, and with those of the natural world.

She has worked as a facilitator, interviewer, and story teller on numerous projects designed to gather community input, explore challenges between people, and develop consensus. Issues in that work have included immigration, medical debt, diversity, sharing power in diverse communities, low income community development, creative anti-poverty initiatives, and the empowerment of women and girls, among others.

Kristin is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher who received her training in the bhakti tradition from Gopi Sandal, Yoga with Heart. She has trained in Eagle Claw Kung Fu up to the intermediate level with Sifu Don Walth, and is a level 2 Soaring Crane qigong practitioner under the guidance of A.K. Baily, Crane’s Way Qigong Studio.

Kristin has explored and enjoyed modern, east coast swing and lindy, tap, and latin dance styles. She has participated in workshops in yoga therapy with Doug Keller, Laban/Bartenieff immersion with the faculty of Integrated Movement Studies, Continuum Movement with teacher Patty Adamik, and additional somatic work with teacher Victoria Day. In addition, for 12 years Kristin both participated in and facilitated circle dances from the Dances of Universal Peace tradition in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa.

She brings all of these movement studies and communications experiences to bear in her current work with Lawrence Movement Workshop.